Wellbeing International Foundation is a private company registered in Bermuda that was established to put to use over 25 years of academic and commercial research and expertise in the fields of stem cell derived macromolecules and regenerative medicine.

We recommend two types of medical service: cell-free therapy based on the use of extracellular vesicle secretions generated by your own stem cells; and dendritic cell treatment as an alternative, or supplement, to conventional cancer therapy.



JImmy Graham, TE, Chicago Bears

"After I ruptured my patella tendon, I had tried a standard stem cell treatment, but had minimal gains and so was very sceptical – it sounded like a fantasy. After my first infusion, it was crazy because for the first time in 18 months my knee didn't hurt. Wellbeing will be the first people I visit anytime I get an injury or need surgery."


Super Bowl winner & multiple NFL All-Pro

"As a client of Wellbeing for more than three years, I have become a firm believer in the benefits of their unique cell-free therapy. In a high impact sport such as American football, there are always injuries that come up which leave players on the sidelines or struggling to maintain full fitness.  I am no exception, but what I have noticed since meeting Wellbeing is that I recover from injuries faster and stronger.  I feel as though my body is better protected, and it’s important to think about taking care of my brain – I feel Wellbeing does that and more."


Doug Baldwin, Former WR, Seattle Seahawks

"I am very pleased with the results of my infusions. As an elite athlete, I had to be in tune with my body and how it was feeling on any given day. I believe this treatment improved my healing time with nagging injuries and I’m looking forward to the overall benefit to my long-term health."



Annabelle P, UK

"I am pleased to confirm that my MS has stabilized with no further relapses and some remission, and I am not on any medication. I had an MRI scan last year, showing no changes to the contrast injection, which much to my delight suggests no current MS activity. I remain stable now, and this has certainly helped me to continue an active life."


Angelica Rosa Weintraub, NYC

"I had no idea how to start to my journey after my stroke but I soon got to learn why Wellbeing’s treatment was as amazing as my friend described, and my second infusion has done AMAZING things. It has made so much change in my life. My mind is has NEVER been so clear and the energy within me is just incredible! I still have my left side of face paralyzed but everything is so much better and my face is more symmetrical. The first infusion of stem cell secretions gave me energy and the second the clarity on not just my body but my brain as well. It’s not stopping. Watch out world because I do feel I can do anything I put in my mind!"


Valerie K, Minnesota

"Cell-free therapy was recommended to me in order to either limit the advance of my ALS or improve my symptoms. Both me and my doctors have noticed a marked slowing of the disease. Additionally, I had a full hip replacement from which I was totally recovered within three weeks: my surgeon declared this nothing short of miraculous."



Marc M, UK

"I had my first cell-free infusion back in December 2017 and a further booster in February 2018 due to the degeneration of my right shoulder cartilage and joint. I continued to have physiotherapy on my shoulder whilst the therapy was doing its job inside me and I can confirm that my shoulder is now 70 to 80% compared to 20 or 30% prior to the treatment."


Medical doctor, Colorado

"It has been two months since my first treatment and I have more energy and stamina than I did when I was 20, I have gained 10 lbs. of muscle, and I feel like my body can finally support my dreams."


Dave R, Indiana

"I was introduced to Wellbeing in June 2019 and within 10 days of my first cell-free infusion in Bermuda in July, I was able to climb up the ladders and A frames on the building sites at work for the first time in 10 years. I followed this up with a second infusion in December and also now have more energy and am able to ride my motorbikes pain free for the first time in years."


Graham H, UK

"After many years of pain for the L5/S1 disc, I have benefited from a profound improvement in pain relief following the treatment and so far there appears to have been a cessation in degeneration of the disc - as my doctors observed, there is no obvious other explanation why I would be doing so well for so long post injections for the pain relief."


Neil A, UK

"I had surgery for an anterior cervical discectomy, following which I came to you for my EV infusion to help reverse some of the nerve damage and help regenerate some of my wasted muscles. This proved to be the case and was remarked on by the neurosurgeon, who was surprised by my speed of recovery and improvement in both my nerves and muscle strength."