Wellbeing International Foundation is a private company registered in Bermuda that was established to put to use over 25 years of academic and commercial research and expertise in the fields of stem cell derived macromolecules and regenerative medicine.

We recommend two types of medical service: cell-free therapy based on the use of extracellular vesicle secretions generated by your own stem cells; and dendritic cell treatment as an alternative, or supplement, to conventional cancer therapy.

We help patients from all over the world, with many coming by way of personal referral from former patients or by recommendation from doctors and sports medicine practitioners. Subject to availability, consultations can be arranged in Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Dubai, India, China, the UK and Bermuda.


Following a successful consultation, treatments are provided by expert medical practitioners at licensed  private clinics. In due course, it is our intention to work with a number of additional private clinics in various international centres for the convenience of our clients.