How can I judge if this type of treatment is suitable for me?

It depends on your condition and symptoms. Please check our website and ask for additional literature if interested. Also, don’t hesitate to discuss with your own physician or medical advisers.  Do not be surprised if they have not heard of this type of therapy, as it is cutting-edge, based on the latest independent research and an advance on conventional stem cell therapy which has both supporters and detractors in the medical community.


Are there any independent third parties from whom I can seek an opinion on your approach?

Yes indeed. There are multiple independent medical research studies which support the Wellbeing approach, which we are happy to provide relevant to your own condition. In addition, we can refer prospective clients to independent doctors, sports rehab experts, and other medical specialists who know our work.


Has it been approved by the medical authorities?

Whilst all the research over the past 25 years has been undertaken through government approved labs and approved hospital/university research, formal FDA approval will only be sought following government approved clinical trials which are pending. As is customary, this type of therapy is only recommended on a named-patient basis with leading medical practitioners who are experts in their respective fields. 


Are there any side-effects or downsides with this type of treatment?

The Wellbeing scientific team knows of no reported cases of adverse reactions amongst hundreds of patients who have used this form of therapy over some seven years. As this type of therapy is cell-free, there is much less risk of any adverse reaction than with stem cell transplants. The only potential downside is that you feel no discernible benefit, and this does occur with less 10% of clients. 


How does this therapy compare with other stem cell treatments?

The key difference is that Wellbeing recommends you only receive your own extracellular vesicles (EVs), which contain all the vital growth factors for repair and rejuvenation. One infusion will give you literally billions of your own EVs with no downside risks. Typical stem cell transplants will give you perhaps 300,000 EVs at best, and a bunch of associated risks. In a nutshell, we consider that cell-free therapy is a much safer and more effective form of treatment.


How soon can I return to normal activities?

There is no need to take any time off work - we encourage clients to carry on with their regular daily activities following infusions. 


How long before I am likely to feel any benefits?

This depends on the primary condition being treated. There is a strong anti-inflammatory effect which is often apparent within days for those who have muscular and skeletal injuries, but full repair and regeneration takes several months. In the case of degenerative conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, serious liver disease, diabetes etc, the benefits are likely to be felt over six to twelve months.


Can I speak to any existing patients to hear their views and experience?

The Wellbeing team has assisted hundreds of clients in the past decade, and we are able to arrange a referral relevant to your specific medical condition. You will appreciate that we must always respect patient confidentiality, but we have a number of clients and their medical advisers who would be willing to share their experience. 


Do I have a choice of locations for treatment?

The blood draw can generally be carried out by your own physician locally or by one of our recommended partners at locations throughout Europe, North America and Asia, and then collected by our medical courier for immediate transport to our labs. The infusions of your cell-free EVs are only given by our private clinic in Bermuda and by our recommended physicians in Europe. 


Does this therapy cost more than other stem cell treatments?

It does cost more than some conventional stem cell treatments, partly because of the many years research which have resulted in an exclusive, safe and effective form of treatment, funded by private capital, without assistance from any government health authorities.  


Can the cost be claimed on medical insurance or paid via a finance plan?

Medical insurers are not yet sufficiently familiar with the therapy to offer cover, but we can introduce bankers who will consider financing the cost subject to your individual circumstances. In addition, to help as many people as possible, Wellbeing is in the process of forming a charitable entity to assist worthy cases, in circumstances where the family cannot meet the full costs of treatment.