There are several well-established commercial stem cell banks offering the opportunity for new parents to store stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood for their child’s use in later life. However, currently there are no provisions for adult clients to bank their own stem cells for future or immediate use in case of disease or injury.

Wellbeing is able to give advice on the use of this service within the current stem cell regulatory framework to an international client base. From a small sample of fat, harvested under local anaesthetic, your versatile mesenchymal stem cells are isolated, expanded in number and stored in a stem cell bank at cryogenic temperatures so they will last a lifetime.

These cells are your own tissue which at all times belong to you – as well as storing intact stem cell populations suitable for therapies provided by third parties (with no immunological risk as the material is your own), your extracellular vesicles can also be stored with licensed clinics for immediate use as needed.


Many acute medical crises such as heart attacks, strokes or head trauma occur with little or no warning and consequently, the treatment window to optimize repair and regeneration is brief. To maximize their benefits, pre-storing stem cells or stem cell-derived products for immediate use is the only option as isolation, separation, expansion and therapy after the event would have significantly less effect or none at all.

The quality and quantity of your stem cells do deteriorate with age. Most chronic degenerative conditions such as dementias, Parkinson’s disease, lung diseases, liver problems and vascular diseases occur in older individuals with sub-optimal stem cell populations. Consequently, it is better to harvest an optimal population of stem cells when you’re in good health for maximum impact when you need it most.

Regenerative medicine is one of the fastest growing areas of medical science with new advances announced in the scientific and popular press daily. Stem cell banking offers you the opportunity to take advantage of developments in stem cell-related medicine with your own optimized stem cells ready for immediate use, and EVs similarly available if you wish to experience the benefits of cell-free therapy.